About The Artist
Mika Babineau was born in Moncton, New Brunswick on August 12th, 1995 but always longed to be an artist in a big city. Interested in art at a very young age she couldn't image being anything but an artist when he grew up. During her senior year in high school she participated in a co-op program at McKenzie College where she was treated like one of the students there. Despite being a great experience she decided that McKenzie college was not for her and was accepted in the art fundamentals program and then the visual creative arts program at Sheridan College. It was time for Mika to leave the land of lobster behind and move to Ontario. While at college Mika discovered her passion for painting, especially with oil and acrylic paints. Mika creates portraits that attempt to portray the diversity within people and challenge stereotypes in her expressive paintings. She also challenges beauty norms in her oil paintings that depict pastel skin ladies and colour energy runs through her acrylic paintings in an impressionistic style.